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You can build a healthy body and experience vibrant health in 50 days! Imagine your life with
  • More energy to do all the things you've always wanted to do
  • Efficiency and effectiveness for all projects
  • Painless and stress-free days
  • As a life-saving example of good health in your family, community, and church
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Body basics the Bible way!
Introduce your church to an exciting 50-day program that will motivate and challenge your church to get healthy God's way.
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God's design: a healthy you. Your body was not designed for constant stress. Discover how easy it is to experience stress-free living as Dr. Colbert shares his life message!
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Everyone wants to be healthy, but you have to do more than just desire good health. Maybe you have not known where to start or which health plan is the best for you. Dr. Don Colbert wants to challenge and motivate you to pay attention to these seven areas: water, sleep and rest, living food, exercise, detoxification, supplements, and coping with stress. It's what you don't know that could be keeping you from enjoying good health—body, mind, and spirit.

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