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Take a moment to imagine what it would be like toÖ
  1. Have more energy to do all the things youíve always wanted to do
  2. Be more effective and find exciting stress-free, painless, and creative new ways to do His work
  3. Be a life-saving example in your church and community

Dear Pastor,
Iím a board-certified physician and a Christian who is deeply concerned about your personal health and the overall health of your church community. I am on a mission to see Christians live the healthy life God purposed for every man, woman, and child.

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work with several well-known ministries and have had the privilege of speaking on health topics in many churches in the states.

As many of you know, there are more pastors leaving the ministry today than entering the ministry. Also, there is a high rate of depression among pastors, their wives, and their children. I have treated many pastors in my medical practice who are literally burned out. Our pastors and ministers of the gospel are becoming an endangered species, and we need you strong mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

This affects not only you but also your entire church community. Although research shows that Christians in America are the unhealthiest people in the world, I believe together we can change that. The truth is, while you may not know a great deal about health issues, itís what you donít know that is quietly destroying your health and undermining Godís plan for you and those close to you.

I believe in just 50 days by using biblical principles of health, which I call The Seven Pillars of Health, we can restore you and your church familyís total health and reclaim the life God intends for each of us.

The Seven Pillars of Health, presents a life-changing experience that will not only improve your quality of life but also extend your life. Take my 50-day challenge, and I guarantee you will be impacted for a lifetime.

Please partner with us today and choose good health for your ministry team and your congregation!

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